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Tips from the club!


Summer Running

Extra attention to HYDRATION.  The best measure of your hydration level is, well it is, the color of your urine.  Clearish, over hydrated.  Deep yellow, dehydrated.  Pale-light yellow, hydrated.  If your mouth feels dry before a run, you are already dehydrated.

In the summer carry a bottle of water on the run.  Carry some cash in case you pass a store, you may need to buy another bottle.

Run early or late to avoid running in the strengh of the sun.  Those who run are not impressed to see a “runner” in the middle of the day in high temperatures and/or high humidity wearing all black and not carrying a water bottle. We have all seen this-don’t be one of these people.

Light, moisture wicking clothing, sunblock, chapstick, protective eyewear, visor or runners cap (not a regular baseball cap).  80% of heat loss occurs via the head.  In the summer you do not want to block this evaporation with clothing.  And in the cold/winter months you want to prevent heat loss with appropriate headgear.


Be Seen.  Make Eye Contact.  Be Identified.

Always run/walk facing traffic.  When vehicles approach, make eye contact with the driver if possible. Nod the head or give a courtesy wave.

Runners should always have some form of ID.  RoadID offers several identification options and lighting/safety gadgets.

Running in the darkness presents its own set of dangers.  Wear bright, reflective clothing, carry a small flashlight or wear sport lights (RoadIDKnucklelights, and etc.)

Buddy Running

There is safety in numbers.  Run with a friend or friends.


Always acknowledge any vehicle that slows or stops for you during the run.  Though not required, it is a general sport courtesy to acknowledge a fellow runner.

Be Alert/Be Aware

Runners create their own little world when on a run.  We know, it is a nice little world.  But do not get so lost in the run that you ignore the environment around you.  You should always be on the watch for other runners, vehicles, dogs, weather, and things happening around you.

LISTEN to the enviornment NOT your Ipod, headset, earbuds and etc.  We know runners like to run to their tunes.  It helps with the monotony of the road and to keep pace.  But it also diverts your attention.  You cannot hear traffic or warning signs or impending harm.

HOODIES-are a no go.  Did you know that someone coming up from behind you can use your own clothing against you.  Hoodies block your peripheral vision which is another obstruction to seeing clearly what is around you. And it is very easy for an attack from the rear as an assailant can come up behind you and pull your hoodie down over your face-you ears and side vision are already blocked.  Then they have you!